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Kansas City International Theatre Festival

July 15-26 @ Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre, 3614 Main, KCMO

Bob Paisley - US/UK

Bill Clinton



By Rachel Mariner

Directed by Guy Masterson


Let my mind light up your mind. With Seamus Heaney's allegorical play The Cure at Troy at its center, Bill Clinton Hercules takes a candid look at the life of the 42nd President as he shoots straight from the hip in his own fantasy TED talk.  From the Trojan Wars to the future of democracy, his dreams, regrets, hopes and passions, Occupy, Hillary and Monica… Is he the beloved, stained icon or reviled Slick Willy?  A life epic in its own right.  But what will be Bubba’s next act?  What does the future hold for the possible "First Gentleman" as Hillary runs for the White House? 


"...memorable." - Kansas City Star


"...a masterful piece of acting from a consummate performer..."


Katherine Hurst - UK

Mata Hari

Female Spy


US Premiere


The Great War: while millions of men struggle and fight in the mud and hell of the trenches, one woman’s story begs to be told. Mata Hari, the most notorious female spy in history. Or was she? Dancer, lover, confidante, courtesan, contradiction and liar.  Executed in 1917, Inspired by her own words… this is her story… the story of a set-up?


"Clever, subtle, intelligent - never a dull moment" -



Gavin Robertson - UK


No Man is an Island


This unique solo show creates an urban and gritty world where a Hit Man, an Alzheimer’s sufferer and a ‘single white male’ share their thoughts and theories on being alone - interwoven with the classic ‘Crusoe’ story and an exploration of our planet’s place in the Heavens…


“This is a truly stunning piece of theatre.” - Evening Star

Ross Gurney Randall - UK

An Audience with Henry VIII


US Premiere


"I do not  have syphilis, I want to make that quite clear. As for the wives - there were perfectly good reasons why they had to go.  And where's God?  It's been  468 years since I died and I've been waiting to meet God ever since.  I'm starting to lose my patience".  The 16th Century King meets a 21st Century audience. Heads will roll.


"Ross Gurney Randall is funny the way water is wet -  naturally, undeniably and inexplicably. He pulls no fast ones, he just is." - The  Guardian

Victor and Penny - US

Project X

Directed by Bob Paisley

Fearless feats of guitar daring and a fiery ukuele create hot prohibition era style jazz with a modern voice.


Victor & Penny in a new project.  The duo hail from Kansas City, MO, America’s roaring 1920s “Paris of the Plains.” With tight vocal harmonies, fearless feats of guitar daring and a fiery ukulele, Victor & Penny bring a modern voice to prohibition era jazz and clever original tunes. Celebrating a time when style mattered, antique pop duo Victor & Penny impress and delight with charm and hot licks.


They are " absolute rollicking blast." 

Nicholas Collett - UK


A Sailor's Story


US Premiere


Amidst the shot, smoke and din of battle, sailors aboard HMS Victory strive to destroy the Combined Fleet of France and Spain. Their fate –and that of their country - lies in the hands of one man – Horatio Nelson.  For two hundred years, Vice Admiral, the Right Honourable, the Viscount Nelson KB, has stood patiently on his column in Trafalgar Square, watching the world and its many changes, good – and bad.  But what happened to the “tars” who served with him? Through their eyes we find out what it was really like at Trafalgar; and in Nelson’s own words, the hero – and the rebel, then – and now.


"Excellent" - Adelaide Theatre Guide

Collett and Robertson - UK

The Six

Sided Man


“There are two rules: Never give the die an option you're not prepared to follow, and never disobey the die!” 


Darkly hilarious, quirky and seductive.


Inspired by Luke Rhinehart’s American cult novel, The Dice Man - A disillusioned Psychiatrist lives his life by giving options to a dice, and before long perceptions become twisted, ambiguity rules, and no-one is quite who you think they are!


“Compelling to watch” - The Guardian 

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