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The Invasion

Since 2006, CST has presented the finest international fringe theatre.  Artists from around the world have opened minds and hearts with their unique shows. 

Good stories, artfully told.


Opening Night Party

9:00 pm, Wednesday, July 13 @ MET

Meet the International artists and celebrate the start of a great summer season of international theatre

Tickets on sale July 1


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"I loved every second of it. ARCOS thinks squarely outside the box, without ever straying into the territory of inaccessibility, and touches beautifully on the capacity for love to overcome hate."

Searching through his grandmother’s trunk after her death, Eliot, a filmmaker and musician, is transported into the past by the physical mementos he encounters. Fractured moments reveal the intertwined lives of Ursula, a German dancer who survived the bombing of Dresden, and Glenn, an American philosopher and veteran. An ensemble of dancers, interactive video projections, and live music conjure up an entire universe emerging from a single small trunk.


The audience becomes witness to a series of scenes from the young artist’s imagination as he seeks to understand his grandparents: an adventurous modern dancer’s horrific flight through her burning city; a philosophy professor’s struggle to make sense of the chaos of humanity; all-too-seductive indoctrination into militarism; Plato’s allegory of the Cave; courtship of former “enemies” in postwar Munich; and a soldier’s epiphany upon nearly shooting his own reflection in an abandoned farmhouse in France.

You will laugh as they cry, swim, fly and go insane.


Created at the Kinetic Arts Center, this distinctive piece of physical theatre creates a genre of its own. Two men crash their submarine at the bottom of the ocean, resulting in a hilariously madcap journey across every kind of terrain. The story is filled with magic, wonder and adventure; filled with surprise fantasy and comedy. 


Awards include: Best of the San Francisco Fringe and Best of the San Francisco Fringe: Techies’ Choice.

"For all ages, The Submarine Show is a work of outstanding light entertainment."

- Donald Polluck, The Scotsman

"These guys are not only good but perfectly matched... a must-see."

- Robert Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

Company Gavin Robertson, UK

Gavin Robertson, Katharine Hurst and Simon Nader



“This is English comedy at its best, clever, subtle, intelligent, but combined with great theatrical skills..."

A professor with a rocket in his cellar, his female ward and his eager assistant – together they find themselves on a distant planet before escaping to... where exactly?! A new British B-movie inspired affair, with sinister plant life, Norse gods, time travel, dinosaurs and a whole pile of pluck!


Three award-winning performers combine fast storytelling with bold imagery from cliche to cliche and back again in a frankly outrageous adventure! 


404 Strand, Canada/France/USA

HAMLET (The Notes)

John Fitzgerald Jay

with Dan Jemmett

"This is satire of the highest order, and Jay’s performance is simply astonishing. I’ve never seen anything quite like it."

- Robert Trussell, KC Star

On a bare stage, a director gives his notes to his actors, technicians and artistic team after the first preview of his new production of Hamlet. The show is still not ready, and it is going to take all of his skill and cunning to bring it up to speed for opening night.  


With the audience serving as the cast of players, artists and technicians, Hamlet (The Notes) looks into the inexact science that is the making of theatre.


Featuring John Fitzgerald Jay who, together with (real life) director Dan Jemmett, have created not only a behind the scenes ride through the maverick mind of the artist, but also a startling take on Shakespeare’s great play and the obsessional devotion it engenders in those that seek to bring it to the stage.

Life hasn’t turned out the way Margaret dreamed. She’s lonely as hell, in a house that won’t sell, with no kids, no husband and a job that’s deathly boring. So tonight, she’s got a date with a bottle of pink fizz and a bowl of pink pills and she’s going to go out in style.


But her romance with death is rudely interrupted by an intruder, a nosy neighbour and a policeman – a tall, handsome policeman.


Nuala McKeever, Northern Ireland’s Queen of Comedy, delivers a poignant, hilarious, disastrous cocktail that’s to die for, about the resilience of the human heart in the face of ...well, just about everything that can go wrong in our crazy modern lives...

Nuala McKeever

Northern Ireland


"Poignancy and razor sharp one-liners enliven the darkest of comedies"

- Belfast Telegraph

Nicholas Collett, UK


An audience with

William Shakespeare

additional material by

William Shakespeare

Directed by Gavin Robertson

"Collett is an unfussy actor who values economy over flamboyance, and he remains focused on the task at hand: telling a compelling story."

- Robert Trussell, KC Star

The question has captivated academics, actors, directors and the public at large. Was there a man called William Shakespeare and did he write all those plays? Or was he just a butcher’s boy from the countryside – a front-man for a poetic lord? Or is it all just a case of mistaken identity?


There’s only one way to find out. Come and meet Will. Take the lid off a legend in your local. He’ll tell you what really happened – all the stories. Queen Elizabeth, Edward De Vere, Christopher Marlowe – you’ll meet them too. There’s no fourth wall here – we’re all in this together. He’ll play you a few of the greatest hits – and you can all join in.


Mine’s a pint – cheers!!!

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