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Stephen Cunningham

Outstanding... Amazing... Magic 

Edinburgh Southside Advertiser

Terrific… grips the imagination... ideas spit off the narrative like sparks from a welder’s torch

Quentin Letts, Daily Mail

Brilliant... Captivates and amazes

British Theatre Guide

Dyad Productions


The Time Machine

By Elton Townend Jones Featuring Stephen Cunningham

Aug 16-19, 2018

From the creators of Jane Eyre: An Autobiography, Dalloway, The Unremarkable Death of Marilyn Monroe, Christmas Gothic, I, Elizabeth, Female Gothic and Austen's Women.

2018: In this age of uncertainty, where the shadows of tyranny, intolerance and war darken the path into tomorrow, how much time do we have left? If civilisation falls today, what will become of us?

In producer Rebecca Vaughan and writer/director Elton Townend Jones' new and radical interpretation of the HG Wells classic, a Victorian time traveller transcends across the ages from 1900 to our own far future – from the fall of man to the end of the world – discovering the fate of our endeavours and uncovering our darkest fears. Can we change the future? Or has the end already begun?

A philosophical journey, a nightmare adventure, a cautionary tale – this is the story of us all.

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