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Tue, Jan 24, 7:30 pm

This is a free event

Donations accepted


Twenty years ago, Maggie founded the Bridges Programmes, a charity that works with asylum seekers and refugees that have found their way to Scotland.  Based in Glasgow, she has worked with organisations across Europe, spending a lot of time on soap boxes, advocating for women's and children's rights.  She will be giving a talk on the challenges that women and girls face as migrants.


The International War On Women

There is an urgent need to gender the UN Convention on Refugees

War trauma, state persecution affect women and girls differently and in many ways much more traumatically than men, yet the reasons women and girls flee their homelands and what they suffer en route is not specifically recognised in international law.  Think of it this way... Rape is a weapon of war but not recognised as a war crime


There's no special case to be made for giving women sanctuary for what they suffer. At least not in the law that the US and Europe follow.  But both Africa and South America have developed addendums to the UN Convention which at least allows for women to be front and centre in terms of protections.  It's clearly time for change.


Maggie is a passionate advocate for women's issues and forced migrants. She has addressed many conferences including the World Health Organisation on several occasions, spoken at the European Commission and Parliament.

Individual Tickets

$30 Regular Adult Ticket

$50 Couples Ticket – 2 tickets for the same date

$25 Seniors

$20 Students/Artists/Vets


$100 All Access Pass can attend all performances and gets invitation to opening and closing parties


$150 All Access VIP Pass can attend all performances, invitation to opening and closing parties, preferred seating and a complimentary drink at every performance.


Thu, Jan 26, 7:30 pm

Fri, Jan 27, 7:30 pm

Sat, Jan 28, 7:30 pm

Sun, Jan 29 2:00 pm


Dyad Productions


The award-winning creators of Austen's Women, I, Elizabeth, Female Gothic and Christmas Gothic return with a twenty-first century take on Virginia Woolf's celebrated pre-TED talk.


Take a wry, amusing, and incisive trip through the history of literature, feminism, and gender. Meet Charlotte Brontë, Jane Austen, Aphra Behn, and Shakespeare's sister – Judith! Travel to the far-flung future of... 2028. But whatever you do, Keep Off the Grass.


Rebecca Vaughan (Dalloway, Orlando, Austen's Women, Jane Eyre: An Autobiography) performs Woolf's 1928 exploration of the impact of poverty and sexual inequality on intellectual freedom and creativity.


  • “Towering... luscious... assured... rich”  (The Scotsman)

  • “Richly re-imagined, exquisitely evocative" (Edinburgh Guide)

  • "Intelligently adapted, beautifully performed... entrancing" (British Theatre Guide)

  • “Perfection... Vaughan is simply sublime” (Huffington Post)


Thu, Jan 26, 9:00 pm

Sat, Jan 28, 9:00 pm


Sweet Productions 

Originally created in collaboration with the London Science Museum, written and performed by award-winning actor Emily Carding, directed by Dominique Gerrard. 


A combination of cataclysmic events results in the extinction of the human race, leaving behind an AI being programmed to recreate humanity when the time is right, with the complete works of Shakespeare as a guide to the human spirit. Humanity must thrive... but at what cost? 

This original sci-fi storytelling show was inspired by Mary Shelley's ‘Frankenstein’ and will leave you wondering who the real monster is.


  • ‘Outstanding Theatre’ award-winner, Brighton Fringe 2019

  •  “Jaw-droppingly assured…there’s a superb cliff-edge to this outstanding production”- Fringe Review

  •  "Emily Carding is one of the UK’s leading Shakespearean actors"- The Stage


Fri, Jan 27, 9:00 pm

Sun, Jan 29 3:30 pm

RICHARD III (A One Woman Show)

Brite Theater, Directed by Kolbrun Bjort Sigfusdottir


Pushing the boundaries of Shakespearean performance, Brite Theater have re-imagined Richard III as a bold and engaging one-woman show. The fourth wall has been utterly obliterated, as the audience take on the roles of all the other characters at Richard's party in this intimate, exciting, and moving production. Let Richard entertain you…but will you survive?


Richard III (A One Woman Show) was created by director Kolbrun Bjort Sigfusdottir and performer Emily Carding during a theatre residency in Reykjavik, Iceland in November 2014, and premiered at Prague Fringe in May 2015, winning every single award – unprecedented in the history of Prague Fringe.  It then went on to win the coveted ‘Bobby’ award at Edinburgh Fringe.


Since then, Richard III (A One Woman Show) has toured throughout the UK and internationally, including Rome, Verona, Iceland, Slovakia, Romania, Pakistan, St Petersburg and New York, all to high praise. 


  • "Emily Carding and Kolbrun Bjort Sigfusdottir’s adaptation of Richard III is a smart, sparse, stripped back version of the text built around Carding’s utterly compelling performance." - The Stage

  • "An extraordinary performance from Emily Carding, a female Richard as bitter, damaged, ingenious and irresistible as any I’ve ever seen." - Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

  • "Coolly psychotic" - New York Times

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