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Ross Gurney-Randall

An Audience with Henry VIII

"I do not have syphilis; I want to make that quite clear. As for the wives - there were perfectly good reasons why they had to go.  And where's God?  It's been 477 years since I died, and I've been waiting to meet God ever since.  I'm starting to lose my patience".  The 16th Century King meets a 21st Century audience. Heads will roll.  (90 minutes + intermission)


Ross Gurney-Randall is funny the way water is wet - naturally, undeniably and inexplicably. He pulls no fast ones, he just is. - The Guardian

February 26-March 3

Performance Dates and Times will be announced by Jan 1


Individual Tickets

Will go on sale on Feb 1


$150 All Access VIP Pass

With an All Access Pass, you can:

  • Attend all performances

  • An invitation to opening and closing parties,

  • Preferred seating at all performances and special Events.

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Jenny Rowe

Tiptree: No One Else’s Damn Secret But My Own

James Tiptree Jr: CIA official, international traveller, “ineluctably masculine” writer of science fiction... And, in 1976, ‘outed’ as Alice Sheldon, a 61-year-old woman from Virginia.  An award-winning writer, born from a jar of English Marmalade; what happens when your secret’s out, but it’s only the signature that’s changed?  (60 minutes)


Tiptree is a fascinating biography well worth knowing, convincingly acted and eloquently written, raising questions about gender, fulfilment, subterfuge and love. – FringeReview

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Robert Cohen

The Trials of Harvey Matusow

The age of McCarthyism, as seen through the eyes of America’s most notorious liar.  Starting out a communist in post-war New York, Harvey Matusow turned informer, spent four years mouthing off to anti-red committees, then put the cat among the stoolpigeons by admitting he’d made up almost all of it.   What drove him to do these extraordinary things? Was it money? Was it fear? Or was it a simple lust for fame – fame of any kind and at any cost?  Winner of the FringeReview Outstanding Theatre Award.  (90 minutes + intermission)


What is unequivocal is the sheer powerful brilliance of Cohen’s script... And then there’s the performance – pitch-perfect, adroit, vivacious and charming. -  Fringe Guru 


Paul Levy

The Debrief – A Piece of Emergent Solo Theatre

The performer is debriefing a critical incident, an encounter with death, a dance with mortality.  This is a semi-improvised piece of theatre where the performer gathers the artifacts of his story and offers them to the audience who share the experience in a way he hopes will bring resolution, healing and hints of further steps along the way.  (60 minutes)


The world of the rational, the logical, the cause and effect;

The world of the irrational, the chaotic and the crazy.

– Rational Madness Theatre

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