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February 1-4, 2018

Pip Utton - Playing Maggie, Bacon, Churchill, Adolf

Pip Utton’s performances are always a masterclass in acting

British Theatre Guide

Utton sets an impeccably high standard for both writers and actors everywhere

In Culture

Pip Utton is the doyen of one man shows

The Daily Telegraph

April 5-8, 2018

Owen O’Neill - Red Noise

Owen has toured the World with his one-man shows accumulating a string of awards including three Fringe Firsts at the Edinburgh Fringe, The Edinburgh Critics Award for best comedy, The Time Out comedy Award, Best actor 2010 Irish Theatre Festival NYC. Best short film 2008 Boston Film Festival.  RED NOISE  is a hybrid of stand-up comedy, theatrical monologue and poetry and O’Neill blends all three to perfection.

August 16-19, 2018

The Time Machine 

By Elton Townend Jones and featuring Stephen Cunningham 


A Victorian time traveller transcends across the ages from 1900 to our own far future – from the fall of man to the end of the world – discovering the fate of our endeavours and uncovering our darkest fears. Can we change the future? Or has the end already begun?  A philosophical journey, a nightmare adventure, a cautionary tale – this is the story of us all.

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